Forming Good Golf Swing Habits – Simple Golf Swing Methods

By Darlene Berkel

It takes a lot of practice to get a good golf swing, but you also need to be starting from a foundation of good technique. Learning some good habits early on in your golfing career will stand you in good stead, giving you a good foundation to work from when you wish to improve your game and learn more complex golfing methods. Even some experienced golfers can benefit from a refresher in the basic techniques, as it is easy to pick up bad habits while you are playing the game.

How To Develop Good Golf Swing Habits

The first thing you need to consider is forming a good golf s


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wing habit. Realize at the start that it will take continuous practice till the right golf swing method becomes ingrained in your memory. Like with any other habit, after repetitive use it will then translate into natural instinctive action so that your swing is correct. If your practice the right golf swing method consistently, your swing will become a "good habit".

Developing a good golf swing won't require any conscious thinking, just the three "P's": practice practice, practice. You can easily achieve this goal. There are also alternative golf swing methods that can assist golfers and which according to great golfer Moe Norman show that standard golf swing methods can sometimes are flawed and thus not what they are made out to be.

A Simple Method That Works

If you want to learn how to get a good golf swing, try this simple method. Cut your swing up into different parts, including the address. Form a triangle from your arms and chest, then take away by moving the triangle as a single entity – don't make any changes to the angles, so, don't move your wrist at all. Now, raise your club to the height of your waist, pause there. Then practice that movement over and over. This may sound strange, but practice it a few times until you get used to doing it.

Once you get this right, the next thing you need to do is raise the swing till it reaches the top and then look to your hand as well as arm position and follow it by beginning the downward swing and turn your left hip and then continue with your downward swing until you reach a position just back of the ball.

Make sure you keep the club square with the ball, and keep your wrists firm as you continue the swing. You want the impact to be caused by the arms, and when you make the follow through be sure that your right forearm crosses over your left one.

This technique is simple, but very effective. It is a golf swing method you can practice without even using a club, and it will ensure that you have a smooth, grooved swing every time you strike the ball – it will become second nature, and your swing will be much more natural, and benefit immensely once you master the technique.

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