Watching Youtube videos ad free & faster browsing with the Brave browser

  • Download here the all new Chromium-based Brave Browser  ↓☻for  a faster ad-free browsing experience, reported to be 2-to-8  times faster than Chrome, FireFox and Safari etc.  available on desktop and on mobile phones  in particular, saves  on the battery drain as well.
  • The built-in Ad Blocker blocks  out All Ads & Trackers and  can be set / reset as  might be necessary for browsing specific sites.
  • That works out best for watching  no-ads, uninterrupted Youtube videos!
  • Offers a rewards program for publishers and content creators with BAT (Basic Attention Token) for  channel referrals  via website and  social media and supposedly,  browsing  on a get paid to surf business model etc.

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